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Using the new Facebook insights to develop a good online marketing strategy -1

Facebook pages are indispensible for social marketing. Once you pull out all stops to make your page very popular, you must use facebook insights to analyze your online marketing strategy. The insight page has been changed by the developers to make it easier to break down the data available.
Let us see what information we can dig from the insights and how to use such information to our advantage:

Tips on writing good amazing product descriptions for e- commerce goodies

Product descriptions make or break sale for e-commerce goodies. A product description should be wickedly clever in appealing to the customer imagination so much so that he finds no peace till he makes the purchase. On the other hand a lazily written product description will end up chasing the customer away.

21 Mistakes You Should Never Make in Content Marketing

To err is human but you just cannot afford to make the following mistakes in Content Marketing, they will make your content absolutely worthless. So read on.
1. Doesn’t use swear words: Cursing someone’s rear off in Content writing is just not done; you will lose clients faster than a monkey peeling a banana.
2. Not Running a Spell-check: Nothing botches up the content marketing articles like spelling errors, there are no excuses for misspelled words when you have many sites like this.

10 tips for writing smart content

We list out 10 tips that will help you write smart content.

Nesting and single women

The fairer sex is hard-wired to be pre-occupied with nesting, vis-à-vis, provide a secure and cozy home to her husband and kids, but now that she is an economically independent being and to some extent socially independent, we find some women preferring to opt out of marriage and kids. The reasons for choosing such a lifestyle may vary from person to person, but what is common in all such decisions is their perception of happiness lies in remaining a maiden.


Growth, what do you equate growth with? For kids it is growing up to be adults, for adults it sums up to moving up to career, having more possessions or being fit which all actually boils down to being more sound in life. So is growth all about security? Look at economies; aren’t they trying to be more financially secure? Isn’t being a nuclear power all go to do with a nation looking to appear more threatening and hence secure. So yes in today’s world growth is having a safety net over you and the net gets thicker and thicker. But do we ever feel safe? Safe enough to relax and be happy!!

The mind has a mind of it’s own

You are at your wit’s end when you set to write something. Your mind is producing thoughts and not one of them genuine enough to dignify them with your words, you seriously doubt your abilities as a writer and you wait for the genius to come over you and write something worthwhile. You make take a break or simply pressurize your mind to come up with something. I am experiencing this phenomenon as I am writing and hence decided to write about it. We all say that the heart listen to us. But truth is we don’t have much command over our minds too.

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