Growth, what do you equate growth with? For kids it is growing up to be adults, for adults it sums up to moving up to career, having more possessions or being fit which all actually boils down to being more sound in life. So is growth all about security? Look at economies; aren’t they trying to be more financially secure? Isn’t being a nuclear power all go to do with a nation looking to appear more threatening and hence secure. So yes in today’s world growth is having a safety net over you and the net gets thicker and thicker. But do we ever feel safe? Safe enough to relax and be happy!! The answer mostly is no.
So isn’t the growth we know substituting one set of misery for the other. Yes, the thought makes life look very bleak but the upside is we get to make choices and hence we can choose our miseries. That is the power we have unless we can awaken ourselves and attain enlightenment.
So choose your miseries wisely!!!