Nesting and single women


The fairer sex is hard-wired to be pre-occupied with nesting, vis-à-vis, provide a secure and cozy home to her husband and kids, but now that she is an economically independent being and to some extent socially independent, we find some women preferring to opt out of marriage and kids. The reasons for choosing such a lifestyle may vary from person to person, but what is common in all such decisions is their perception of happiness lies in remaining a maiden.
So how does the spinster deal with her natural nesting instincts? From the little, I have seen of these ladies is they choose an object on affection and build their homes around it. Sometimes the object of affection is a niece or a nephew, a pet and, very rarely, herself.
Kudos to such women, for being alone but not lonely is a true mark of substance. If we dig deeper into our self, we will find inspiration and love in our own spirits. With self love comes confidence and strength and hence the need to cling to people and things becomes lower. If peace is used as a yardstick for measuring happiness, then women with such independent spirit would rank high.
However self love isn’t to be confused with narcissism and self centeredness which is a product of low self esteem ultimately.