Tips for Facebook Marketing

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A good facebook marketing strategy is imperative to any business to reach out to the millions of facebook users.
Here are some tips that will help you build an effective facebook marketing strategy.
1. Use images to convey your message.

A picture always speaks better than a million words. Use high resolution pictures which are relevant to your message and add text that stands out clearly against the background of the picture.

2. Update regularly but not too often.

It is very important that you post regularly but not so regularly that you crowd your fan’s wall with your posts and they getting bugged they unlike you. Posting once in a month is to less and posting 5 times a day is too much.

3. Interact with the fans.

Use facebook as a platform to build a relationship with clients. Asking questions, replying to comments, hosting contests, resolving queries will not only promote trustworthiness and loyalty among the fans but will also attract more attention as the post posted by the fan will be seen by his friends.

4. Keeping the posts smart

Your posts should never be wildly off the topic or always be self promotional. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer, wouldn’t you be bored too if you always saw posts from your favorite brands asking you to buy their products. The key here is to update intelligently by putting up a post about something that is quite relevant or complementary to your products.

5. Using #hashtags.

Hashtags make your posts more findable (a user clicking on the hashtag will see results of all posts on facebook with the same hashtag or similar hastag) so make sure they keyphrase you use to make your hashtag is quite general and yet relevant to your content.
Using the tips above you are sure to adopt a facebook marketing strategy that will get you more attention.
[ The images used in this post have been created by us to explain things better and is not related to any product in existence]