Basic skills required for Data Entry

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Are you interested in working as a Data Entry operator? Here are the skills that mangers look for when hiring one.

Typing Skill

First and foremost you need to have a very good typing skill; the data that needs to be entered can be of complex nature (medical codes for example) and hence needs to be accurate. There is simply no scope for mistake and hence if you make many typos you probably won’t be hired. It is advisable that you spend some time practicing typing on a keyboard, there are many sites on which you may go to test your typing skill like
You should aspire to acquire touch typing proficiency (typing without having to look at the keyboard)

Typing Speed

Not only do you need to be able to type accurately but you need to be fast too. Employers expect you to be able to type atleast 60-70 words per minute. The better your typing speed the higher the chances of your being hired as a data entry operator.

Technical Skills

To be a data entry operator you are expected to have basic computer skills with good proficiency in MS office, Access and open office. If you are hired by a company they will provide you the required training to be able to do your job.
In addition to the above skills a data entry operator needs to be able to focus for long periods and the information being dealt with is may be medical, financial or military and hence sensitive in nature so you need to have a discrete personality.