10 tips for writing smart content


We list out 10 tips that will help you write smart content.

1. Keep your sentences short: The simplest way to make your content smart is to keep your sentences short and concise. Literary masterpieces aren’t necessary at all. The idea is to convey the message in the simplest manner possible.
2. Use bullets or numbered lists: Bullets and numbered lists make is easy for the reader to skim the content in a glance. Long paragraphs can be intimidating to some readers and scare them away from the page.
3. Use relevant pictures: A picture is better than a thousand words provided that the picture relevant to the content you have written.
4. Adopt a perspective: It is very important that you adopt a clear perspective while writing, for e.g., if you are writing on the beauty of a city, you can write it from a visitor’s perspective. This makes your content more engaging.
5. Make your content interesting to read: This you can do, by injecting a liberal dose of humor in your writing. Everybody loves a good laugh.
6. Always proof read: Proof read your content many time so that your final content is error free.
7. Get your facts right: Make sure that your draw your facts from a reliable source. False content can cause you some serious loss of client and readers.
8. Stick to the point: Do not beat around the bush, do not repeat your self, the readers get bored easily with such content and won’t hesitate to move to another page.
9. Don’t be a slave of keywords: Yes, keywords are important for SEO ranking, but you have to use them sensibly. Don’t just use them blindly and make your content bad to read.
10. Know your target reader: Spend some time in evaluating your target readership and place your self in your shoes and write what you believe they would love to read.