21 Mistakes You Should Never Make in Content Marketing


To err is human but you just cannot afford to make the following mistakes in Content Marketing, they will make your content absolutely worthless. So read on.
1. Doesn’t use swear words: Cursing someone’s rear off in Content writing is just not done; you will lose clients faster than a monkey peeling a banana.
2. Not Running a Spell-check: Nothing botches up the content marketing articles like spelling errors, there are no excuses for misspelled words when you have many sites like this.
3. Lying: You may be praise the product/service to skies only if the praise is based on the truth. Making false praises will make you and your client lose credibility.
4. Using Texting abbreviations: Abbreviations such as,”4 u” & “10q”, work fine in informal texts and chats but should never be used in professional zone, it will make your work look childish.
5. Grammatical errors: No one likes to spend time reading something that is replete with grammatical errors no matter how instructive the article is, use sites like this to avoid such errors.
6. Plagiarism: Ripping off someone else’s work is just unethical.
7. Using Marketing Clichés: Marketing clichés such as, ”never seen before”, ”for the first time in” make the content look stale and to be honest I never trust products with catch-phrases such as these , good brands almost never uses them.
8. Long Sentences: Long flowery sentences may work in literary masterpieces but they have no place in content marketing because most readers are average readers who’d turn move away from mile-long sentences.
9. Not Having a Strategy: Good marketing content comes from a good strategy. Lack of strategy will lead to choppy content.
10. Not Having a Target Readership: This mistake could cost you heavily because unless you know who your content’s readers are you won’t be able to strategize effectively.
11. Witless Content: Everybody loves reading content with liberal doses of humor. Witty articles are best shortcut to earning loyal readership.
12. Not Using Pictures: Using pictures to engage the audience is the oldest trick in the book and not using it in this Internet age is the biggest blunder imaginable in Content marketing.
13. Not Using Social Networks: Social Networks are very useful for content marketing and if you are not using it yet then you are surely from the ice-age.
14. Using Big Words: Let’s face it, no one likes show-offs! So don’t show off your amazing vocabulary and construct sentences in the simplest manner possible.
15. Not proof-Reading: This is the mother of all mistakes in writing. Don’t be lazy, proof read your content at least three times and if possible by a second person.
16. Making Up Content: Research thoroughly before you build your content so that your content is based on actual facts and not on imagined facts.
17. Not Being Passionate about the Content: An half-baked attempt and a work of labor have very obvious glaring differences, so work hard and passionately.
18. Not Using Keywords: Not using key-words for SEO optimization amounts to writing a book and not getting it published.
19. Using too many Keywords: Being a slave to keywords for SEO optimization is another common mistake, your content exists for the purpose of being read and using the keywords too liberally will render the content unreadable.
20. Not interacting with the subscribers: Comments on blogs, social networks and forums need to be replied to, it creates a loyal base of fans.
21. Creating the focus only on your product/service: Content that endlessly promote your product/service is boring, do promote your content but it shouldn’t be the only thing one does, for example if you are writing for a security company you could write an articles about self-defense measures, thus broadening your readership.

Creating great content isn’t an easy task but it isn’t that difficult with a little bit of hard work.
Happy Writing!