Tips on writing good amazing product descriptions for e- commerce goodies


Product descriptions make or break sale for e-commerce goodies. A product description should be wickedly clever in appealing to the customer imagination so much so that he finds no peace till he makes the purchase. On the other hand a lazily written product description will end up chasing the customer away.
Many e-commerce sites skip putting out product descriptions not knowing how important they really are. Sites like www.donebynone have put out great content and have people like me addicted to reading their product descriptions and each time I end up with an yearning to buy the product though the product itself might not be something that I need. That’s the power of e few well written lines.
Here are 10 tips that will help you pen down product descriptions that actually sell the product.

1. Work on an amazing product title. This is the first thing that the customers read about your product so it has to entice the customers into reading more. Find a title that not only aptly describes the product but does it creatively. If you are selling a bunch of yellow tulips for example, do not simply write ‘a dozen yellow tulips’ but make use of your imagination and come up with a title like ‘summer’s soiree, yellow tulips by the dozen.’

2. Write a creative yet helpful product description : A good product description is one that highlights the features of the product very creatively. The power of words is great; make use of it to persuade the customer to buy the product by employing creative imagination. The product description for a dozen yellow tulips should read like ‘ a grumpy boss can make your job harder; A merry bunch of yellow tulips can turn a bad mood into a great mood in an instant and there is no saying what a happy boss can do to change your life for the better. Grab them today.

3. Attractive Graphics: Graphics play a key role in the sale of online goods since the consumer can only see the image of the product and not the product itself. Needless to say, it has to a well shot picture from different angles. The zoom in and zoom out feature of the e-commerce sites necessitates pictures of good resolution. Make sure the pictures are set against a plain background (not using a plain background will divert attention from the product) and are shot in good light.

The basic of a good product description have been laid out in this post and we hope that it will help you create an incredible e-commerce site.